Wednesday, January 16, 2013


January 16,2013

On January 2 I started a diet. I start the weight watchers but then i switch over to the slim fast diet.
I only have lost 2.6 pounds so far. But I'm happy about  that!!
The first week I didn't exercise, the second week I did a little of the wii fit a and now the past four days I have been walking 3 miles a day.
I cut out all sweets and pop. Which are both my down fall!!
I do watch what I eat but sorry to say I can't give my Hot Wings up that I have once a week.
I was talking to my husbands neice Heather who claims she loves me. All she kept saying was you won't lose weight on slimfast,cause I {she} didn't. You can't have hot wings you won't lose eating them. You got to do more than walking. You couldn't have lost anything ,you don't lose anything the first month. {I know better cause I have dieted this way before and lost}Hmmmmm I lost 2.6 that's not much like I said but I lost.
Why does people have to be so negative?!
This is coming from a person that stays on a diet for two days and goes off and says she had to stop cause her husband got mad cause she was dieting.
I don't know?! I guess I was just expecting her to say good job.
Oh well she is only one person.
My husband and I are happy with the 2.6 pounds I lost! I want to lose it slowly anyhow.
Monday January 21 will be my next weight in and I will be happy if I lose only 1/2 pound.

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