Tuesday, January 1, 2013

100 Days Of Weight Loss ~~Day 1


I know I did this long ago but I'm starting over!

Tuesday January 1,2013


List of fears or negative behavior that hurt my weight-loss success in the past.

1. Getting to my half way mark and then stop following my diet. Adding a nibble here a taste there, until weight- loss slows and eventually stops.

Actually--I think that is my biggest fear-- everything else I might write, just comes down to that one thing! But here are some bad habits that are a breakdown of the big one!

1. Believing I can have just one and that turns into all!

2. Believing I can do it (go off plan) this one time and that turns into all the time.

3. Skipping one workout, then two, then three, then not doing any workouts in months.

4. Letting feelings of deprivation and of it's not fair excuses to eat things that aren't on the plan.

5. Feeling justified in eating because i'm stressed out or sad.

(I'm sure i'll come up with more)

New endings for each fear and behavior!!

1. I use to believe that I could have just one and would end up eating all, but now I know just one is too much and I'll stop this behavior before it starts. If I find myself in the middle of eating them all " I'll stop and say "NO MORE"!" And don't use the "I've fallen, may as well finish what I've started" excuse.

2. I use to believe that I could use the excuse, just this once, to go off plan and end up using it ALL the time, but now I know that there is never a good reason for putting your dreams and goals on hold. A party is a party even without the cake and ice cream. Thanksgiving is still a holiday and a time to be thankful even without eat a half a pumpkin pie. Going to a restraunt is still nice even if your eating chicken and steamed veggies.

3. I used to skip a workout(s) and let that missed workout be an excuse to miss another, and another, but now I don't go two days in a row without doing some sort of exercise. I do the execises right in my own home, so I don't use not getting to the gym or not being able to get outside as a reason to get my blood pumping and myself a healthier happier person.

4. I use to use excuses like "I don't like being deprived "and "It's not fair that they can and I can't go off my plan." But now I acknowledge that I have those feelings and then move on. Those thoughts and others like them are feelings that I can choose to dwell on and be effected by, or that I dismiss and move on from. I choose the laiter.

5. I use to stress or sadness as a reason to go off plan, over eat and even binge, but now I choose to confront my emotions in others in other ways such as turning the problem over to God, going for a walk or even just acknowledging, examining and accepting those feelings as a part of me a part of life. Covering them in cheese sauce and eating them hasn't worked before and it won't work now!!

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