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100 Days Of Weight Loss -- Day 18

100 Days Of Weight Loss--Day 18



If you've lived by the clean-your-plate rule for a long time, you may continue to struggle with the idea of throwing food away. If so, focus on how to stop giving foodso much power that you can't leave some of it behind.
Remember that your weight and your health are always more important than a left-over piece of pie.

If you can't bring yourself to throw away what's left on your plate, retain yourself gradually by leaving one small piece of food at a time. Jan was raised in a family that had strict rules about never throwing food away. As an adult she couldn't let go of this pattern, even though it caused her to overeat.
One evening at dinner, Jan decided to leave one green pea on her plate. Each of the next several nights, she left a little bit of food on her plate, increasing the amount each time by the size of a pea. Eventually she broke her habit of feeling anxious or guilty if she didn't clean her plate.

Starting at home, intentionally leave some food behind at every meal. After you're comfortable doing this, apply the same concept to restaurant meals.
Of course, you can always take leftover food home and use it for a meal the next day. But be careful with this because it doesn't accomplish what you planned.
Restraunt meaals are often higher in fat and calories than what you might ordinarily eat. When you take your lefterovers home, you often end up eating excess calories twice.
If you want to get two meals out of your restraunt food, make sure you select items that mach your healthy eating goals. When you decide to eat food that's not quite as healthy, enjoy the taste of your meal while you're at the restaurant, and then leave the rest behind.

**Think about all the places you've heard messages related to cleaning your plate. Recall any family  members, school lunches, restaurant staff, even strangers who glared if you left food behide. Tell yourself these old  clean-your-plate messages no longer apply to your life.
***School Teachers
**In your notebook, write some "Never clean your plate" rules that show your new attitude.
**1)Never clean your plate,instead take care of your body and your health.
    2)Stop when you feel full.

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