Monday, January 21, 2013

100 Days Of Weight Loss--Day 21




Have you ever eaten a candy bar, and then wondered where it went? YES
Maybe you've looked down at your plate and had no memory of eating your meal. I HAVE AT TIMES
You can do a lot of damage with this level of unconscious eating and sometimes not even realize it's contributing to your weight gain.
Bob had developed the habit of doing many things at the same time.
While he was eating dinner, he would read the paper, watch the news on TV, and try to talk with his family.
Often Bob would finish eating his entire meal and wouldn't even realize it! His family members always laughed when he began searching for the bread he'd already eaten, exclaiming, "Who ate my
Remember, there are two purposes for eating-- fuel your body and to appreciate flavors. When you're eating for fuel, staying conscious helps you become aware of when your tank is full. And if your goal
is to appreciate flavors, you certainly want to notice and enjoy the taste of the food you eat.
Take a look at typical eating patterns. Like Bob, are you guilty of eating without awareness? I USE TO BE!
Do you go through the drive-up windowvat a fast food reastaurant and then devour a sandwich as you drive? NOT ANYMORE!
You might believe that you're saving time, but often you don't notice the taste of the food or even the fact you're eating at all.
When you eat with no awareness, you miss out on the flavor, texture, and sensation of your food. Because you didn't "get" the taste you wanted, you may still yearn for it, so you eat more.
Unfortunately, fast eating tends to be unconscious eating, putting you at risk for way too much food. Train yourself to slow down and spend more time with your food rather then wolfing it down on the
It takes practice to pay attention when you're eating. But after you cultivate more awareness of the food you eat, you'll discover a new level of appreciation and enjoyment.

*Prepare yourself for having a "midful-eating" meal by setting a table with your good china and silverware, lighting a candle, and playing quiet music in the background.
*Sit down for your meal. While you're eating, don't do any other activitirs--focus entirely on the food. Notice detailes such as the foods appearance flavors and textures and even the teperature.
*In your notebook, record your observations. Then add a few notes about how it feels to eat a meal using that much focus and total awareness.
***I only have one set of dishes and silverware to use. JR always as the TV on while we eat so that will be hard to have it off or having music on playing. Though I will try and block it out!
   Dinner I did focus on my meal and block the TV out.

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