Sunday, January 27, 2013

100 Days Of Weight Loss--Day 27



You've probably heard the line. "Life is short; eat dessert first."
But often dessert is what pushes you over your calorie goals or makes you uncomfortably full. Maybe it's time for you to get more particular about desserts.
You can certainly manage desserts by using your skills suh as savoring, eating reasonable serving sizes, and planning smaller amounts, less often. But because desserts can be so tempting, you
may need a few more tricks to handle them.
To get control over sweets and desserts, consider making a policy that you will eat dessert only when it's special. This lable includes not just the food itself, but also the setting and the people you're with.

Suppose your sister invites you to a birthday party where she serves homemade carrot cake. This occasion is special because you love your family and enjoy being with them. Plus, your sister makes the best carrot cake in the world. So in this case you lable the carrot cake as "special" because it includes the right setting great people, and excellent food.
Now picture yourself attending an all-day seminar at a large hotel.
For dessert you are offered a huge piece of carrot cake. It looks wonderful, but you hesitate. First, this carrot cake is probably not unique or the best one you'll ever eat. Also, you're in a very ordinary setting, sharing lunch with people you may never see again.
This time you decide to skip the cake because it doesn't fit the category of special.

Think about your favorite desserts and then decide which ones are truly special and which ones are ordinary. Would you pick the chocolate suicide layer cake at your neighborhood restaurant? Or
would you hold out for your Mom's apple pie or brownies you make when the grandkids visit? MOM'S APPLE PIE OR BROWNIES MADE WITH GRANDKIDS.

Don't try to justify eating dessert by saying, "But they're all special." No, they're not! Realistically, you know that a lot of desserts aren't all that wonderfull.
So pick the ones you truly do love and then get even more specific by deciding exactly which type you like best. For example, if you love cheesecake, do you want one that's smooth? Heavy? Dense? Topped with strawberries? Or do you prefer one flavored with caramel and nuts?
When you evaluate desserts or sweets, became selective and eat only the ones that match your ideal flavor.

**Make a list of desserts that you want to include on your special list.

***Chocolate Pie
   Pumpkin Pie
   Banana Nut Bread
   Pretzle Salad

**Think carefully about the taste and teture each one should have.
  For each of your dream desserts, write a few words to describe it.

***Chocolate Pie---Topped with cool whip
      Cake---Chocolate with chocolate icing
      Pumpkin Pie---Topped with cool whip
      Banana Nut Bread---Lots of butter
      Cheesecake---Smooth, topped with strawberries

**Add a list of sitations that are special enough to justify eating dessert.

***Chocolate Pie---Christmas or at my Aunt Betty's
      Cake---JR's, Stepchildrens, Grandkids birthday
      Pumpkin Pie---Thanksgiving
      Banana Nut Bread---Holidays
      Pretzle Salad---When ever I'm in PA and Jamie makes it

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