Friday, January 18, 2013

Scale: Friend Or Frienemy?

The Scale: How does an inanimate object evoke so much emotion?
  • Fear
  • Happiness
  • Frustration
  • Elation
  • Disappointment
  • Sadness
  • Pride

Does the scale control your emotions? Does a number define you?

Take the Scale Personality Test.

How often do you step on the scale? "B"
A. Once a month.
B. Once a week.                 
C. Once a day.
D. All of the above and also after every bowel movement.

What Emotion does the scale most often evoke? "D"
A. Indifference. The scale does not rule my emotions.
B. Pride.
C. Happiness.
D. Sadness.

The Scale tells me: "B"
A. Nothing that I don't already know.
B. Whether or not I ate too much yesterday.
C. Whether or not I am due for a bowel movement.
D. Whether I am skinny or fat.

I measure progress by: "B"
A. My measurements.
B. How my clothes fit.
C. How I feel / How I look in the mirror.
D. The # on the scale alone.

Mostly A's: Congratulations, you have a healthy relationship with the scale. You keep in touch, but you don't let it get too close to your emotions. Your scale is your friend with benefits.

**Mostly B's: Good job, you are friends with the scale, but it doesn't rule your life. It is OK to love the scale, just remember to not get too close.

Mostly C's: You have a love affair with the scale, just be weary of its potential to turn on you. One day a happy relationship, the next day your best frienemy.

Mostly D's: You are in the danger zone. You are emotionally attached to a partner (the scale) who can't give you what you need. Learn to separate your self worth from a number. This is a one sided relationship that won't go anywhere.

Please remember there are many ways to measure progress, all of which can exclude stepping on a little box in your bathroom that produces an arbitrary number.

A. How you feel.
B. How you look in the mirror.
C. How your clothes fit.
D. Your measurements.
E. Your body fat %.
F. Your blood pressure / your overall health as determined by your doctor.
G. A combination of all of the above

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