Thursday, February 7, 2013

To My Sabatoguer

Dear little girl,
I know that you have been hurt and ignored, shamed and treated badly for a long, long time. I know that people were well meaning when they took food away from you when you were hungry, and forced you to eat food when you weren't hungry, and when you were sick, or the food made you sick. I am here to set you free.
You are an adult now, and you don't have to live by anyone else's rules but your own. You are a smart woman, and you have made good decisions in your life in other areas so I know you are able to do the same with your eating choices. I won't beg and cajole, but instead, I am here to support you - like when you only took a taste of each of the h'orderves the other night. I know that you were being polite and were afraid that some of the tastes were not going to be to your liking, but you were brave and ate some anyway. The things that you liked, you put the brakes on, and you gave yourself permission to eat an extra of the one thing that you liked. You were in control.
I am here to encourage you in your exercise, and help you visualize yourself making good choices in hard places, like restaurants, and at people's homes. It is okay to be a picky eater. It is your stomach and your life. I am here to say - awesome job, what a good choice.
And on the days that it is hard, and you slip up, oh well, at least you are human. We can just get back on the horse and try again. This is a journey little one, and we are growing you up to be the best woman possible.
Hang on little girl,
We are in for a wonderful adventure.
Your pal, advisor, confidante and biggest fan.

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