Sunday, February 3, 2013

100 Days Of Weight Los -- Day 34



To recognize the exact moment when you've eaten enough food, you have to pay close attention to your body. Watch carefully for the first signs of feeling comfortable or just right. The moment you begin thinking you may be at that point, ask yourself: "Does my stomach feel satisfied?
Do I fell like I've had enough food?" Nearly always, the answer is yes.

The fullness scale is not the same as the 20-minute signal to your brain, indicating you've reached satiety. Instead, you learn how to monitor fullness by listening to the source--the abdominal muscles that cover the stomach.
Think about this--when you feel way too full, you hold your stomach, not your head. So by noticing the way your stomach feels, not what your head thinks, you'll be able to recognize the early signs that indicate you're feeling satisfied.

What if you enjoy the sensation of being full? Maybe you've connected feeling stuffed with also feeling powerful, nurtured, or safe. Perhaps large family meals always helped you feel connected to others. If so, you might still relate feeling full to memories of happy times and good food.
If you realize that you like feeling stuffed, you may need to work on changing your belief that full is a good sensation. You might even want to start thinking of stuffed as being a distasteful, obnoxious feeling rather than a desired one.
Instead of enjoying the sensation of being overly full, begin labeling it as uncomfortable. Make a conscious decision that you no longer want to feel that way and that instead, you want to feel comfortable or satisfied.
If you've been overeating for many years, it may take some time to adjust to the goal of never letting yourself get way too full. But eventually you can learn to appreciate having a healthy, positive body that doesn't want to feel stuffed.

**Eat a meal or snack but stop right at the point of feeling comfortable or a plus one on the scale.
**In your journal, describe how this level feels to you.
  Recall times in the past when you've eaten until you felt stuffed. Write a note describing that and
  then compare the two feelings.
**Thinking about what it means to feel full or stuffed. 
  Is it comforting or nurturing? Does having a full belly make you feel stronger or more confident?
  Are you getting away with something you couldn't do as a child? Record your insights.

***Breakfast ~ 2 slices of french toast, I could have had a third but I didn't,I was almost satisfied, It was nice feeling comfortable.
I felt better with breakfast than what I felt after dinner!
***Dinner ~ Hot Wings, Boy I was STUFFED, I had 12-- I was satisfied after the 6 th one but wings are my down fall! Thank goodness I only have them once a week.
Having a full belly makes me tired!

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